Roles at social sessions

Tuesday evening and Thursday morning sessions are supervised by a rota of volunteers and we need one or two additional people to help, particularly on Tuesday evenings.

Four things need doing at each session, either by one person, or shared between people. Contact Anne if you can help – even if it is only occasionally.

Key-holder and overall supervisor:

  • Responsible for opening up 15 minutes before the session
  • Responsible for ending the session on time
  • Responsible for leaving building secure at the end of the session

Registration and collection of fees:

  • Checks that all players sign in and pay appropriate fee
  • Pass register and fees to appropriate person at the end of the session

Table tennis supervisor:

  • Ensures new players are made welcome
  • Keeps a general eye on tables to make sure everyone gets a fair chance to play, especially if numbers are high

Equipment helper:

  • Arrives 15 mins before start of session to help set up tables, nets and barriers etc.
  • Helps put equipment away at the end of the session and put away afterwards, when required.
  • Puts out and collects up bats and balls