Do I have to join or register first or can I just turn up?

You can just turn up and play. We will take your full name when you pay at the start, and if you wish, you can sign up to our email list to receive news and updates two or three times a month.

How are your sessions organised? Am I going to be hanging around for hours waiting to play? 

The supervisor tries to make sure no one has to wait for long, and will move players around every 10-20 minutes. Depending on numbers, you may be asked to sit out briefly, or you might choose to play doubles. If we get really crowded we might suggest playing a best of three games, and/or Round Robin groups … but if we’re regularly over-crowded, we’ll just have to start a new session!

Do I have to play games?

No, you can simply play without scoring if you prefer.

What is the standard like? Will I be out of my depth, or forced to play people who are a lot worse than me?

We welcome all levels from beginner to Division 1 standard, and there’s usually a wide mix at our Wednesday evening sessions. The supervisor tries to ensure people play others of a similar standard, but it’s really helpful when experienced players spare a few minutes to help beginners improve.

Do you organise competitive tournaments or ladders?

Temple Table Tennis club has a team in the Oxford & District Table Tennis Association two-a-side league. We run fun tournaments once or twice a year at our regular sessions.

Can I book a table to practice?

Yes, you can usually book a table by the hour for extended practice with friends or training partners.

I’m 54¾. How strict are you for the Over-55s session?

We’d probably let you play if you’re nearly there.

Table tennis or Ping Pong?

We don’t mind what you call it, as long as you play! Strictly speaking, Ping Pong is a trademark of Parker Brothers and table tennis is everything else. Apparently James Thurber thought Gnop Gnip sounded better but sadly that hasn’t caught on.


If you’ve got a question we haven’t covered, let us know.


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